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Brigadier General Norbert Huber
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Austrian Army
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Brigadier David Maddan
Commandant of the Infantry Training Centre
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Capability Directorate Combatant.
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Enhancing dismounted operations through reduced engagement times and increased flexibility

The most important asset of any army is its soldiers, and to ensure this asset is utilised as effectively as possible it is essential they have the offensive capability required to tackle the broad range of threats experienced on the modern battlefield. Lessons from the past decade have driven home the need to reduce engagement time and improve soldier flexibility, but how should this be achieved?

Defence IQ is delighted to announce the 8th annual Infantry Weapons and Support Systems 2014 - taking place on the 22nd-24th September 2014 in London.

Having brought together over 17 nations at last years symposium to discuss the future direction of dismounted weapon systems, Infantry Weapons and Support Systems 2014 will continue to analyse developments in small arms technology whilst providing a greater focus than ever before on larger infantry support systems.

Infantry Weapons and Support Systems will allow you to:

  • Discover how large calibre munitions are being utilised to improve soldier safety by reducing engagement times and mitigating the problems associated with engaging enemy soldiers in cover.
  • Explore the latest TTPS and CONOPs surrounding the use of heavy weapons for breaching and anti-structure purposes, and how this is influencing future squad and platoon weapon loadouts.
  • Debate whether dual use munitions are the answer to reducing the burden on the dismounted soldier, or if the resultant capability trade-off is too great to justify the weight reduction?
  • Assess the need for advanced fire control systems to improve first round hit probability; do we need laser range finders and ballistic computers when ballistic reticules can offer an 80% solution at a greatly reduced price?

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